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Twitter Marketing

How can you use Twitter to expose your business to potential clients? This free course breaks down all you need to know.

Publisher: Stone River eLearning
Twitter is the ‘real deal’ in online digital marketing. This course explains the marketing fundamentals and advanced strategies that professional marketers use to promote businesses on Twitter. It takes you through techniques used to increase engagement on Twitter, get retweets and use analytics to your advantage. By the end, you will be able to make better decisions on how to use Twitter to sell your brand and boost your company.
Twitter Marketing
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There comes a time during the lifecycle of a business where it is important to employ new strategies that will help promote it. Twitter marketing is an innovative marketing strategy that can grow your brand. There are proven strategies that will get more people to follow you, more users to retweet your posts and much more overall engagement on your Twitter profile. This short course takes you through how to use Twitter to create a business community with noteworthy people in your field. You will study best practices on how to write powerful tweets and set up a strong Twitter profile. Do you know that you can use hashtags to boost your tweets? The strategy you employ for your social media marketing should be succinct to get the maximum value: you need to be clear on your social media plans and how to execute them. 

Having a Twitter marketing strategy ensures there is a plan centred around creating, publishing, and distributing content for your different audiences. With Twitter, you can ignite relationships with people who have common business interests with you. You will learn how Twitter can help increase your brand awareness, ensuring that you are up to date with happenings and trends in your industry. You will be taken through how Twitter boosts website search engine optimization (SEO). You will also learn how Twitter marketing drives traffic to your website and is used to get instant feedback about products or services. Facing a situation where almost no one is clicking on things you tweet can be a huge challenge, especially when you are putting in effort to grow your business. If you are a long-time Twitter user and you want to take your Twitter marketing to a new level, you will find this course very useful.

Writing engaging tweets that are useful to your audience can be daunting and do you know that making your Twitter account private might affect your overall reach? The material discusses the pros and cons of having a private Twitter account. Have you heard of the small tweaks that you can use to get more organic followers? The course describes some of the proven strategies to attract new followers. Twitter is also a very viable tool to interact with influencers and celebrities. You also cannot overlook the importance of using trending hashtags on Twitter. The course explains the importance of trending Twitter hashtags in increasing your traffic and followers. Enrol in this course to gain the knowledge you need to super-charge your Twitter marketing today!

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