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Sales Force Management

Learn about sales the management of salesforce teams in a sales organization in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course on sales force will be a useful resource for sales executives who wish to improve their knowledge on how sales marketing plans create great sales performance. The course describes in detail how to create viable sales force teams that influence customer relations and growth in the organization. By the end of this course, you will be better informed about the several factors that affect the sales force in an organization.
Sales Force Management
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This course begins by explaining the meaning of a sales job analysis, and the importance of a sales job analysis in an organization. You will learn about the purpose of recruitment program policies in an organization and the challenges most organizations encounter during recruitment. You will also learn about the standard guidelines great organizations use in designing effective recruitment processes. 

The course explains the steps most organizations take in selecting the right candidates for its organizational performance. You will learn about how organizations determine the adequacy and appropriateness of the kind of workforce required. You will also learn about how organizations make use of effecting training processes for its employees, and how sales training programs in most organizations are designed.

The course then explains the meaning, process and purpose of motivating the sales force in an organization.You will learn about the several theories of motivation and their applications to sales force management. You will learn about how organizations deploy strategic compensation policies that fuel organizational growth. You will also learn about how organizations use certain performance appraisal systems to evaluate the performances of their salespersons.

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