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Professional Anxiety Coach

Become a professional anxiety coach by learning how to treat signs of mental distress with this free online course.

Publisher: Dr. Elisaveta Pavlova
Many individuals experience fear, worry and anxiety in some form, often ruining their daily lives. Anxiety is a natural and human response to danger that can keep us safe, but sometimes people require professional help to manage their overwhelming distress. This free online course provides guidelines and toolkits for dealing with uncontrollable emotions, which establishes a good foundation for a career in professional anxiety counselling.
Professional Anxiety Coach
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The natural way the human body reacts to stressful situations or threats is known as ‘anxiety’, a feeling of fear or apprehension characterized by physical symptoms. For example, people might experience distress before a job interview, while giving a speech or even on the first day of school or a new job. When this becomes a mental illness, anxiety can create problems in many areas of social and public life as stress and tension emerge from many places. If the psychological condition is not handled either by self-tools or a therapist, it can develop into a more complex mental disease that features panic attacks. In severe cases, anxiety can mature into uncontrolled fears like phobias. Unfortunately, the source of fear is not always as easy to overcome as many people may think and some people need professional guidance and support to manage their distress.

Stress can affect people’s lives, causing short-term physical effects like breathing difficulties, dizziness, trembling and exhaustion. Other mental complications include depression, insomnia and social isolation that can progress to social anxiety. Anxiety can thus develop into an endless struggle against fear that can create self-imposed obstacles that stop you from living a healthy life. If you often feel anxious and worried about the tiniest details, it might be time to understand what is going on before it spirals out of control. You might know someone who is going through a difficult period and would like to have the information required to assist them. The course guides you through an analysis of anxiety in four different modules and helps you understand anxiety from a psychological standpoint. We discuss panic attacks, phobias and various anxiety disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress, separation anxiety and social anxiety. We examine the psychological bases of various types and sources of anxiety before showing you how to make self-assessments to identify and classify forms of distress while developing strategic plans to overcome them. We break down the best ways to conquer your sticking points to help you battle your inner self to overcome your own resistance to change. We supply various exercises that can help you locate and confront the sources of your anxiety with the tools you need to transform your lifestyle and enjoy a panic-free life.

This free online course lays out new methodologies and psychological techniques to keep anxiety under control by practising mindfulness and employing breathing tactics. We explain how to control your reaction and behaviour in stressful circumstances. If you are looking forward to helping others as a professional coach, we offer a large-scale set of options, exercises and worksheets for you to use to encourage your clients through self-care. Coaches strive to develop a deeper personal relationship with their clients to assist them in working through their current challenges. Such a setting allows them to collaborate with their clients as a team rather than as part of a ‘doctor-patient’ relationship. This course enriches your professional knowledge about managing panic attacks and dealing with social anxiety to make you helpful to others in critical situations. We also explain how to support those who suffer from pandemic isolation and trauma borne of wars, toxic relationships, youthful maltreatment, sexual abuse or any other situation that may cause them to lose control of their life. This course covers the psychological fundamentals that enable you to combat anxiety by providing theory, examples, methodologies, exercises and professional suggestions to make you a successful and compassionate coach.

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