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Mechanical Measurement Systems for Advanced Measurements

Learn how to conduct advanced, accurate measurements using mechanical measurement systems in this free online course.

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The free online course on Mechanical Measurement System for Advanced Measurements teaches you how to correctly conduct advanced measurements for pressure, force, torque, displacement, acceleration, soundwaves, thermal conductivity, viscosity, humidity and air pollution using the elements and functions of different mechanical measurement system instruments with relevant examples for each quantity. You will also learn about using shadowgraphs.
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Mechanical Measurement Systems for Advanced Measurements is a free online course that covers the elements, functions and applications of mechanical measurement systems in conducting advanced accurate measurements for pressure, force, torque, displacement, acceleration, soundwaves, thermal conductivity, viscosity, humidity and air pollution. It will equip you with many important instrumentation skills and teach you the general concepts of conducting measurements for those quantities correctly. The course begins by introducing you to the general concept of ‘pressure measurement’ and the instruments for measuring pressure, including the pressure gauge used in conducting accurate readings for usual pressure quantities in engineering and science.

You will also be introduced to strain gauges and their relevance to conducting measurements by using force and displacement. The course distinguishes between force and torque, as well as the difference in measuring displacement and acceleration. You will learn about sound waves under different conditions, their amplitude, frequency, periods and other properties, with relevant examples. Next, you will study conducting measurements using different instruments for thermal conductivity, viscosity and humidity. Furthermore, the course will teach you experimental techniques of flow visualization, interference of flows, optical techniques of flow visualization, shadowgraphs, schlieren, interferometer, and the laser Doppler anemometer (LDA). Lastly, learn about using the Orsat apparatus and sampling techniques for measuring air pollution, as well as the different units used in measuring air pollution in samples.

This free online course provides the important skills and techniques of mechanical measurement systems relevant to conducting advanced and accurate measurements for research and experiments. It will be of significant interest to anyone who uses mechanical measurement readings for the analysis of scientific theories and their applications in industry. Start your next learning journey today by registering for this course now and upgrading your mechanical measurement knowledge and skills.

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