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Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Measurement Systems

Learn how to use elements of mechanical measurement systems to conduct accurate measurements in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This diploma course on Mechanical Measurement Systems teaches you the elements and functions of conducting accurate measurements, as well as equipping you with instrumentation skills and specialist knowledge on how to take specific measurements correctly. You will also learn about uncertainty analysis and statistical tools used in analyzing measurement inputs.
Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Measurement Systems
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This Diploma in Mechanical Measurement Systems is a free online course that broadly covers the elements, functions and applications of mechanical measurement systems in conducting accurate measurements for physical quantities. It will equip you with many important instrumentation skills and teach you the general concepts of conducting measurements accurately. The course begins by introducing you to different features of measuring instruments that make them suitable for specific scientific and engineering experiments, as well as common classifications of measuring instruments based on their static characteristics and the order systems they belong to.

It will also introduce you to uncertainty analysis and explain the use of statistical tools like the chi-squared test and least squares method for analyzing measurement inputs and recordings used in experiments and research. You will learn about zero, first- and second-order systems and the different responses they exhibit under different conditions, as well as higher-order systems and their own responses that include the step, ramp, impulse and frequency responses. You will also study measurement errors, as well as discuss how dynamic characteristics of measuring instruments can be improved to take account of errors by compensating the sensitivity and values of both inputs and outputs of instruments.

This free online course provides the skills and techniques relevant to conducting accurate measurements for research and experiments. It will be of interest to scientific researchers, industrialists, engineers and anyone who uses mechanical measurement readings for analysis of scientific theories and their applications in industry, as well as other common uses. Start your next learning journey by registering for this course and upgrading your mechanical measurement knowledge and skills.

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