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Introduction to Mechanical Measuring Systems

Learn about using Mechanical Measurement Systems for conducting precise measurements from this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
Introduction to Mechanical Measurement System is a free online course that offers you a foundational understanding of how mechanical measurement system is used in conducting accurate measurements. Learn about the different static characteristics of measuring instruments, as well as uncertainty analysis and statistical tools used in analyzing measurement inputs. Register for this course now to improve your measurement knowledge and skills.
Introduction to Mechanical Measuring Systems
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Introduction to  Mechanical Measurement System is a free online course that provides a foundational knowledge of the elements and properties of the mechanical measurement system in conducting accurate measurements for measurement quantities. This course will teach you important instrumentation skills and relevant to the general concepts of conducting measurements correctly. The course begins by introducing you to different features of measuring instruments that make them suitable for specific scientific and engineering experiments, as well as common classifications of measuring instruments based on their static characteristics.

Next, you will study the important functional elements of instruments and their classifications. You will also learn about the effects of interference in measurement and how to correct them through different types of input modifications and opposition. Then, you will discuss the performance characteristics of some measuring instruments and classify them alongside their kinds of errors. You will also analyze measurement aspects regarding drift, accuracy, and positioning of measurands, as well as loading effects and impedance matching. Finally, you will learn about uncertainty analysis and different statistical analysis conducted for analyzing measurements in experiments, research, and industry, these statistical analyses include the chi-square test and least square method.

This free online course from Alison provides an in-depth introductory experience for the fundamentals of mechanical measuring systems covering the basics in measurement, the different static characteristics of measuring instruments, and statistical analysis methods for analyzing measurement data. This course will be of significant interest to students, engineers, scientists, researchers, and anyone with an interest in gaining fundamental knowledge and skill in mechanical measurement systems. So, register for this course today and improve your knowledge and skills in conducting accurate measurements using mechanical measuring systems.

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