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Machining Processes: Finishing Processes and CNC Machine

Learn what a computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine does and how to program one for the machining process.

Publisher: NPTEL
This course covers the finishing processes produced by a CNC machine. These machines are primarily used in the manufacturing industries like mills and the focus will be on the services it provides in these industries. On top of learning about the type of finishes this machine can achieve, you will also study the more fundamental part of programming the machine. This is vital for an operator to know.
Machining Processes: Finishing Processes and CNC Machine
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    6-10 Hours
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The first part of this course will teach you about surface finish and how the CNC machine is programmed to meet the exact dimensions demanded by the operator. This leads on to the programming of a CNC machine including why it is important and how to work with it.

Advanced machining processes are next on the course agenda. Machining is a process that involves removing material from a workpiece to create the desired shape, size and/or surface finish. In traditional machining, the tool makes physical contact with the workpiece and produces contact stresses that cause fractures on the surface of the workpiece. See how a distinguishing feature of advanced machining processes is that they do not use a well-guided wedge-shaped tool to remove the material relative to the workpiece.

The final part of this course talks about chemical machining in which material is removed by using a chemical etchant. There are several variants of the process such as chemical blanking, milling, photochemical machining and engraving. This course will teach you about many different types of finishing processes. Through using a CNC machine, advanced machining processes and chemical machining processes, you will learn all you need to know about finishing processes in the manufacturing industry.

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