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Managing Customers Using Technology

Learn about customer relationship management to grow your business.

Publisher: Channel 9
This free online course will teach you about customer management technologies for businesses. Maintaining healthy and friendly relationships with your customers, potential customers, and suppliers is essential in growing and preserving any business. This course will teaching you the fundamental principles behind customer relationship management (CRM), the four stages of CRM, and how to implement technology into your corporate strategy for CRM.
Managing Customers Using Technology
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This online course Managing Customers Using Technology will introduce you to customer relationship management (CRM) and how it can help your business grow. You will learn how CRM technology can let you manage customers on the go. You will also learn about nurturing your customers and the importance of replying to customer queries and requests in a reasonable time.

The course starts off with introducing you to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) fundamentals and why the customer must be at the centre of any business. You will learn about the four stages of CRM and what is involved in each of the stages. 

In the second module you will learn about campaign management, what it is for and how it can help your business. You will learn about leveraging technology to add value to your customers' experience and how technology can enable your corporate strategy. You will learn about managing your customers' expectations of your response time.

This free Alison course will be of great interest to small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs looking for effective ways to manage customer relationships.

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