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Fundamentals of Spill Management

Free Online course about the fundamentals of spill management that describes the basic steps of properly managing spills

Publisher: One Education
This online course will provide you with an understanding of the fundamentals of spill management. This course will go into detail concerning all the concepts and terminology. Next, you will find information about hazardous substances and spill prevention. The course will answer: What are hazardous substances? How can you apply site-specific pollution control options? Also, What is spill prevention? Finally, you will study best practices.
Fundamentals of Spill Management
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During this online course, you will be able to study the fundamentals of spill management, presenting you with information on concepts and terminology. This course explains and defines the characteristics of managing a spill. As well as guiding you through specific information about the managing of hazardous substances. You will be able to answer questions such as: What is a hazardous substance? What steps do you need to take to protect your site from a spill? Or, how to find site-specific pollution control options? Next, we will discuss the definition of site-specific pollution control options. Continuing forward, this course will assess the various options to guard your site.

Next, this course will teach you about the proper understanding of the spill clean-up
guideline. You will be able to learn how to correctly use instruments to safeguard your site from pollution. Furthermore, you will answer questions like: What is a spill prevention and control checklist?. What is site-specific pollution control options? You will be taught how to properly employ best practices. Finally, The course will end with describing the application of the topic on your site.

This course will provide you with a better understanding of the study of the fundamentals of spill management, providing you with clear and specific methods to properly prevent a spill. Have you considered expanding your knowledge of the study of the fundamentals of spill management? This course is excellent for those in charge of staff or a site that could suffer a spill.

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