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Bicycle Maintenance

Learn how to maintain, clean and repair a bicycle with this free online course.

Publisher: One Education
This free online bicycle maintenance course introduces you to the components of a standard bicycle. We cover the most common problems posed by these parts and explain how to properly fix them and keep the machine running. This course helps you to master a variety of basic and advanced tools used to repair and successfully maintain your bicycle or even do so for others, making this a hobby or a career.
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This free online course introduces you to bicycle maintenance and repair, starting with an overview of the parts of a standard bicycle. We then demonstrate how to inspect them to ensure they are all in working order, a process known as an ‘M check’. This leads to an examination of your bicycle’s monthly and annual checkups, including an approximation of how long you should spend on each check and the specific tasks required. We examine various ways to extend the life of your bike, starting with regular cleaning. You then encounter the basic tools that make up a bicycle repair kit as we explain what problems they could potentially fix before moving on to study the tools you might need for more advanced repairs.

We then present the specific areas and systems of the bicycle, including its pedals and drivetrain, suspension, brakes, chain, gears, saddle, steering system, wheels and tyres. This leads to an in-depth discussion of cycling’s most common problems, starting with their causes and ending with step-by-step solutions. These instructions guide you through the process of adjusting or replacing specific components. Do you know how to replace a broken chain? Do you know how to replace a flat tyre? This course takes you through these basic fixes and demonstrates the importance of correct suspension settings and making minor adjustments to perfect the position for your saddle.

Discussion of these component-specific topics covers the characteristics and proper usage of different parts, for example traditional tyres and pedals. Daily care prevents serious future problems, potentially saving you time and money. We address some of the major problems that could arise as you ride your bicycle and might even cause you serious harm - so this course protects your health as well as your pocket. Whether you are a cycling enthusiast trying to keep your machine running smoothly or an aspiring bike mechanic hoping to repair bicycles professionally, we can help you so sign up for this free course today.

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