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Bicycle Maintenance

Learn how to care, clean and repair your bicycle with this free online course.

Publisher: One Education
In this free online bicycle maintenance course, you will learn about the different components and the different parts that make up a standard bicycle. You will be introduced to the most common problems of these components that you will experience and how to properly fix them. You will also cover a variety of basic and advanced tools to help repair your bike. This online course will prepare you to successfully maintain your bicycle.
Bicycle Maintenance
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This free online course introduces you to bicycle maintenance. You will learn about the different components that make up a standard bicycle and how to inspect them to ensure they are all in working order, known as an M check. This will lead to the monthly and annual checkups of your bicycle. This includes how long you should spend on each check, as well as the specific tasks that you should complete for each. Ways to extend the life of your bike, one example being regular cleaning of your bike, will be discussed. You will then learn about the basic tools that should be an essential part of your bicycle toolkit and what problems they could potentially fix. You will also learn about some of the tools you might need for more advanced repairs, although these will be needed less frequently.

You will then be introduced to specific areas and systems of the bike. The specific areas include the pedals & drivetrain, suspension, brakes, chain, gears, saddle, steering system, wheels and tyres of your bike. This will include an in-depth discussion of the most common problems that you are likely to encounter while you own and make regular use of a bicycle, as well as the causes of these problems and how to counter them. You will also be provided with step by step instructions on how to address and fix these problems. These instructions will guide you through how to adjust a specific component or replace the entire thing. Do you know how to replace a broken chain? Do you know how to replace a flat tyre? This course will take you through these basic fixes along with showing you the importance of the right suspension settings on your bike and making minor adjustments to get a perfect position for your bike's saddle.

Included in these component-specific topics will be the characteristics and proper usage of different types of parts, for instance, traditional tyres and choices of pedals. While learning about these specific parts you will learn how to care for them on a daily basis to help prevent serious problems in the future, potentially saving you a lot of time and money. You will learn about some of the main problems that could potentially occur as you are riding your bicycle and could cause you serious harm. So now is the time to expand your understanding of bike maintenance. Whether this is simply washing your bike after every ride or monitoring specific areas of your bike. Throughout this course, you will form a solid understanding of the basics when it comes to repairing, adjusting, maintaining or simply riding your bicycle. So, why wait? Start this course today and learn how to care for and maintain your bicycle.

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