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Foundations of Public Relations

Get your Public Relations career on track with this short free online course.

Publisher: Saylor Academy
Public Relations can essentially be described as the art of maintaining better relations between the public and organizations. This free online course will explain where this important function fits in organizations' marketing and communications strategies. We will provide you with a comprehensive view its various theoretical models and the fundamental approaches. By the end of this three-hour course, you will have a solid understanding of PR.
Foundations of Public Relations
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This course will introduce you exactly how Public Relations functions for the development of an organization. The course visualizes various models and their essential approaches in the field of Public Relations. Primarily, it deals with the importance of Public Relations and its process. It highlights how public relations remains as an art of maintaining better relations between the public and organizations.

Next, the course deals with the models and approaches to the field of Public Relations. Here, you will determine the historical development of Public Relations (PR). You will also learn the functions and sub-functions of Public Relations and management functions too. Finally, the course gives you the value of Public Relation globally with various factors that are essential for excellent Public Relations.

If you’re interested in Public Relations as a future career, or if you are a Public Relations professional seeking to be a communicator, then this clear and simple course is the one for you. The basic concepts and professional practices in this course will give you the skills and knowledge that are essential to pursue a successful career in Public Relations. With this free course, you’ll learn these vital skills in just 3 hours. Grasp this course today, and by the end of the week, you’ll gain an excellent new skill.

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