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EcoEd4All is a not for profit, voluntary, environmental education group established in 2018. EcoEd4All is based in Ireland and provides high quality online courses to learners. Its environmental education courses are aimed at providing a grass roots, no agenda education programme on the greatest existential threat to humanity that we need to address as a collective across the planet.

With a team of subject matter experts producing and delivering our course content, you can be sure the skills and knowledge you learn are applicable to your studies if you are a student, professional, have career aspirations or have a personal interest and want to make a difference. Some of the key modules in our environmental education course are: climate change, biodiversity, circular economy and pollution. EcoEd4All helps people to gain the practical knowledge and transferable skills necessary to help protect the planet, to enhance their CV or if you are a student, to engage and share knowledge in your schools. EcoEd4All courses also have project deliverables which are both interactive, informative and engaging which makes the learner experience both memorable and enjoyable.

Sustainability is core to the long-term survival of all species on earth including humans. While we understand the links between human behaviour and sustainability, most people have not changed their actions. In order to create the behavioural change needed we need first to create awareness of the issues, then we gain an appreciation of how our planet supports us and hopefully, eventually, we feel the call to action. EcoEd4All offers learners the opportunity to gain an understanding of the issues and activism possibilities with our courses in a flexible, convenient, and affordable way. The courses give basic and some advanced information and are therefore suitable for all age groups.