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More Information about Deby Joevita

Deby is an award-winning user experience designer with over 11 years of expertise in various industries, including advertising, venture capital, digital marketplaces, financial technology, and more. Working as the Vice President of Design for a large eCommerce company in Southeast Asia, building delivery experiences for millions of people.

She has worked with people and businesses from many walks of life and has received numerous accolades (12+) for her innovative contributions and social impact on a global scale. She is a reader with a voracious appetite. She is a profound thinker who believes in answering a series of unanswered questions, which makes her very creative and analytical simultaneously. She enjoys solving problems in the emerging market for the long term using creativity, innovation, and thought leadership as a growth designer.

Deby is passionate about educating, mentoring, and coaching UX students, teams, and entrepreneurs on how to begin, grow, scale and advance with UX Design, beginning with research, definition, ideation, prototype, and testing. She enjoys using creativity, innovation, and thought leadership to solve problems in the rising market for the long term.