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Tourism - Retail Travel Sales

Learn about travel industry, travel retail, wholesale agencies and holiday packages with this free online course.

Publisher: Global Text Project
This free online course introduces you to retail travel sales. The tourism industry offers its customers a wide variety of products and experiences, but the work that goes into packaging and presenting these products is highly skilled and requires a great degree of knowledge and expertise. This online course will teach you about the important methods used to create an appealing tourism product, as well as how it is packed and sold to consumers.
Tourism - Retail Travel Sales
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Tour wholesalers are companies that purchase a great variety of travel services and sell them as a single product. This online course will teach you about the role of tour wholesalers in the tourism industry and the practical benefits of package holidays. You will study the four types of package holidays which include independent, hosted, group tours, and special format. You will also learn the methods tour wholesalers use to make their products appealing to customers.

Furthermore, in this free online course, you will learn about the role of retail travel agencies in the tourism industry. In the USA, all travel agencies must be certified by four industry associations in order to legally operate, while in Europe a company must obtain a travel retail license. Next, you will be learning about the government regulations regarding travel agencies as well as how online travel retail agencies developed, and how they affect the travel industry. You will also learn about how tour wholesalers and travel agencies remain competitive against online travel agencies and services.

The tourism industry is a vital, dynamic, and evolving industry, and acts as a primary growth engine for many nations' economies. As with all industries, it depends on sales. This online course covers everything you need to know when it comes to how the travel industry prepares and sells tourism products to its consumers. If you want to pursue your career in preparing travel packages, sell travel packages and services, or in general work within the travel industry, this free online course is for you. Enroll this online course today, and start gaining some powerful and practical knowledge that can bring your career in the tourism industry to the next level.

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