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Tourism Industry - Sectors and Career Development

Learn more about the different sectors and exciting career opportunities in the tourism industry, with this free course.

Publisher: Global Text Project
This free online tourism industry course will teach you about the many sectors of the tourism industry and the incredible employment opportunities they offer. Tourism helps build a country's image, generates income for a wide range of businesses, and keeps entire communities afloat and prosperous. As one of the most busiest industries in the world, it supports nearly 300 million jobs globally. Take this free online course today to learn more.
Tourism Industry - Sectors and Career Development
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This course begins by describing what tourism is and showing how it differs from recreation. It then teaches you the definitions of foreign and domestic tourists as provided by major tourism and intergovernmental organizations. You will learn how official definitions of tourists have developed over time, and study the terms used for travelers that are not considered tourists. You will also cover all of the sectors within the tourism industry and learn how to gain direct and indirect employment within this industry.

A popular tourist destination usually has an attraction that draws people to it. This course will explain why tourists include specific destinations in their itinerary. You will look into the four major amenities needed in a tourist attraction and describe the importance of amenities in maintaining the popularity of a tourist resort. You will also study the ways in which tourists evaluate the transportation network linking different locations.

Tourism touches and impacts countless sectors, and has become an important source of employment and foreign exchange in countries around the world. This means that people employed, or hoping to be employed, in the tourism industry have a wide range of options available to them. All you need is training, and commitment. By taking this free course, you'll gain some of the essential knowledge you need to really thrive in this industry. So why wait? Start your next learning journey, today.

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