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Supervision Skills - Managing Employee Performance

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Supervision Skills - Managing Employee Performance
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  • The course Supervision Skills - Managing Employee Performance teaches you about effective ways to motivate employees and manage their performance.

    The course begins by teaching you about motivational theories by different theorists, such as Maslow and Herzberg, which will help you understand the needs of people and how they are present in employees. The course then focuses on how to provide effective supervision for both staff and volunteers, how to help your staff to grow, and address performance management. You will learn about the 70:20:10 rule and the influence of mentors over employees.

    In addition, you will learn about the Ladder of Inference and how to establish performance expectations. The course provides a thorough description of problem solving and how to deal with conflicts in the workplace. You will study different problem-solving types, how to make decisions, and how to manage and prevent bullying from occurring in the workplace.

    This course will be of great interest to any learner hoping to move up the career ladder and gain skills in supervision.

  • After completing this Supervision course, you will:

    • Explain need-based theories of motivation.
    • Describe process-based theories of motivation.
    • Discuss how to use performance appraisals in a motivational way.
    • Describe the 70:20:10 rule.
    • Explain the benefits of coaching.
    • Distinguish between the five different types of problem solutions.
    • Describe how to deal with conflict within a work team.
    • Define the difference between direct and indirect bullying.
    • Explain the Ladder of Inference.

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