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Public Relations: Optimize Systems Theory and Stakeholder Management Practices - Revised

See how to protect and enhance your organization's reputation by understanding how to manage important stakeholders.

Publisher: Saylor Academy
This free online course in public relations teaches you how to optimize systems theory and stakeholder management practices. PR is the practice of protecting and enhancing the reputation of an organization or individual. In these modules, you will learn about organizational principles, stakeholder prioritization, the research practices of modern public relations, the organizational theory of PR and more.
Public Relations: Optimize Systems Theory and Stakeholder Management Practices - Revised
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The material discusses the organizational factors and structures that apply to public relations. You will learn how the systems theory approach and the stakeholder management approach impact PR policies. Look into the different types of stakeholders and the public, and study the strategic approaches for managing them. This course also explains why research plays a vital role in public relations management, both in making it function strategically and adding to its credibility as a management function.

Conducting formative and evaluative research is vital in modern PR management, and this course discusses the differences between them. You will see that formative research is conducted to learn what the public knows and wants while evaluative research shows the impact made through communication efforts after a campaign. You will also study the usefulness of formal, informal, quantitative and qualitative research.

The culture and structure of an organization have an important impact on its communication function. Upon completion of this course, you will have learnt much more about the organizational and research theory that will help you achieve your organization's PR needs while simultaneously having acquired the skills to manage the stakeholders in your organization.

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