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Principles of Heredity and Developmental Biology

Learn about the fundamentals of Mendelian genetics and the concepts of developmental biology in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
The fundamentals of Mendelian genetics, based on Mendel’s law of inheritance and its physical basis in the behaviour of chromosomes, is covered in this free course on heredity and development biology. This comprehensive course also covers the connections between evolution and development biology, as well the applications of contemporary biotechnology in these complex research fields.
Principles of Heredity and Developmental Biology
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This free online course in heredity and developmental biology addresses the concept of Mendelian genetics in detail. The notions of linkage, chromosomal disorders and genetic recombination will be highlighted as well as some heritable factors defined by pioneering Austrian scientist Gregor Mendel. In the first section, you will see the molecular basis of inheritance with the help of select classical genetics experiments which prove that DNA is the heritable factor that is transferred across generations. You will also learn about the term, ‘crossing over’, and the recombination of linked and unlinked genes. 

Next, you will study bacteria and viruses, analyzing the structure, diversity, and useful and harmful effects of bacteria. In the case of viruses, you will consider how they evolve, reproduce and mutate. The notion of cell cycle dysregulation will also be discussed. Examine how the cell cycle is regulated by internal and external factors, see the difference in normal and cancerous cells, and understand how biological research has started making an impact in understanding cancer.

Finally, you will learn about the fundamentals of developmental biology and how biotechnology and its tools have helped to understand the process. You will also consider the complex principles and controversial applications of animal cloning. This course will be highly beneficial to anyone in the fields of bioengineering, genetic engineering, biotechnology, medicine and other related disciplines.

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