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Diploma in Synthetic and Molecular Biology

Learn about synthetic and molecular biology with this free online course that is part of organic chemistry in biology.

Publisher: NPTEL
Study the different biochemical processes where organic chemistry plays a dominant role. You will learn about synthetic biology, DNA sequencing methods, central dogma and molecular biology, which are all crucial for a career as a chemist, biochemist or a chemical biologist.
Diploma in Synthetic and Molecular Biology
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    10-15 Hours
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This specialist organic chemistry in biology course specifically covers synthetic and molecular biology. It starts with a concise discussion of some of the different biochemical processes where organic chemistry plays a dominant role. Next, you will study synthetic biology and nucleic acids. Following on from this, you will learn a DNA sequencing method and the synthesis of an oligonucleotide, including the central dogma of the pattern of information that occurs most frequently in cells, which is replication, transcription and translation.

You will then be introduced to molecular biology and the chemistry of cofactors and coenzymes, studying the mechanisms of various enzymes, cloning and the key differences between a cofactor and coenzyme. This course will teach you the different coenzymes and their importance and function in the human system.

This free course will be of great interest to professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry such as chemists, biochemists, chemical biologists and pharmacists who want to brush up on their technical knowledge. It will equally benefit any learner who would like to have a career in the pharmaceutical sector.

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