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Genes and Responsive Drug Delivery Systems

Can genes be designed and engineered for both drug delivery systems and vaccines? This course shows what is possible.

Publisher: NPTEL
In this free online course, you will discuss genes as both delivery systems and as vaccines. Analyze the responsive and targeted drug delivery systems as the different forms of stimulation for activation. This course is for those who have a passion for studying biochemistry and immunology.
Genes and Responsive Drug Delivery Systems
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The idea of genes as both a delivery system as well as a type of vaccine is the central thrust of this free course. You will study gene delivery with vectors and polymers, and look at the use of gene vaccines as a cancer therapy and cancer vaccine. You will then study targeted and responsive delivery systems and their fundamental properties.

Next, learn the difference between viral and non-viral carriers for drug delivery and vaccine delivery and how polyethyleneimine is used as a carrier. You will look at DNA vaccination and immunization and how this occurs, as well as briefly tackling the use of immunization against food allergies. In addition to this, key cellular functions and cancer therapeutic vaccines will be analyzed before moving onto discuss key responsive delivery systems.

Finally, you will study multiple forms of delivery systems, focusing on targeted and responsive systems, specifically. Tackle stimuli-sensitive and smart systems, and delve into magnetically controlled systems as well as the effects of temperature on temperature-responsive (or thermoresponsive) hydrogels. You will end the course by briefly studying toxicology and its translation pathways.

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