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Diploma in Biology

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Diploma in Biology
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  • Biology is the study of living things and is an extensive and diverse field. This course, Diploma in Biology, covers a variety of topics from the cell structure of living things to the variations in genetics due to external factors.

    The first section of this course teaches you about the characteristics of living things. You will learn about cells, the structure of cells, the difference between plant and animal cells, and the functions of parts of the cell, such as the membrane and nucleus. You will learn how to view cells using a light microscope as well as learning about the different parts of the microscope. This section of the course also introduces you to the five kingdoms of living organisms and components of the digestive system. You will also learn about plant biology including the process of photosynthesis and the transmission of pathogens and parasites in plants and animals.

    The second section of this course explores evolution and genetics. You will study the theory of natural selection and the evidence obtained in support of evolution. You will also learn about the process of meiosis and mitosis, the difference between mitosis and meiosis, and the significance of both. This section then delves into genetics and the impact Gregor Mendel made in the study of genetics. You will learn about genes and DNA, including mutations and how some genes are carried down from parent to child through complete or incomplete dominance. This course finishes by explaining implications that can occur in gene technology and the future of gene technology.

    This diploma course will be of interest to those who want to gain or improve their knowledge of general science.

  • After completing this biology course, you will be able to:

    • List the five kingdoms that living things can be placed into.
    • Describe the process of how bacteria reproduce.
    • Explain the control the cell membrane has over what enters and leaves the cell.
    • Describe what happens during photosynthesis.
    • Describe some advantages and disadvantages of living as a parasite.
    • Explain the difference between relative dating and absolute dating.
    • Distinguish the differences between mitosis and meiosis.
    • Explain what selective breeding is.
    • Describe where DNA is present in eukaryotic cells.

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