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Diploma in Biology

Gain a better understanding of how humans, animals, and plants interact with each other with this free biology course.

Publisher: XSIQ
This free online Biology diploma course teaches you all about the structure, growth, origin, evolution, and distribution of living things. You will learn how to characterise living things into five different kingdoms, study plant and animal cells, and look into the six major groups of nutrients. You will also study the cell theory, plant biology, and gene technology. Start this free online course and grow your understanding of the living world!
Diploma in Biology
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This course will first introduce you to cell theory, metabolism, and plant biology. You will study the six major groups of nutrients, the three types of carbohydrates, and the two types of digestion. You will study cellular respiration, thermoregulation, and homeostasis. The course will also cover the two stages of photosynthesis as well as the defense mechanisms in plants. You will study antibodies and antigens as well as the factors that affect the rate of transpiration in plants.

You will then learn about evolution and parallel evolution, natural selection, diversity, gradualism, and punctuated equilibrium. The course will also discuss mitosis, the process of meiosis, and population genetics including pedigrees, inheritance, Gregor Mendel's fundamental laws of inheritance, and mutations. You will also learn about gene technology including the implications of gene technology, DNA science, and gene expression. You will also study gene mapping and how to calculate the map distance of genes.

The study of biology is important not just for those who are in the field of science but for everyone who wants to better understand their bodies, their resources, and potential threats that are present in the environment. It allows people to understand every organism present in the five kingdoms of living things. This course contains valuable knowledge for those who are interested in entering medical school, veterinary school, or other scientific graduate programs so make sure to check it out.

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