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Nursing Studies - The Nurse as Team Leader and Teacher

Gain a better understanding of a nurse's role as a team leader and teacher with this free online nursing course.

Publisher: MEDCoE
This free online Nursing Studies course focuses on the nurse as a team leader and teacher. The essential role of a nurse as a caregiver is well recognized, but the modern nurse can also be a team leader. With this course, you will gain an overview of the main roles nurses hold as team leaders. You will study team nursing, different leadership styles, and their impact on team performance and productivity levels.
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This course will first discuss the factors that influence team productivity. You will learn that in order to be productive, nurses must utilise both specialist skills and knowledge. The course will discuss the challenge of measuring productivity as well as the factors relating to and impacting team productivity. You will then learn how to measure productivity for task-based activities and study leadership styles and productivity. You will also look into the subject of management and leadership.

You will then study the steps in the nursing teaching process. The course will discuss the importance of planning and carrying out a pre-evaluation of skills to assist diagnosis and lesson planning. You will learn the importance of post teaching and evaluation of learning as well as the key elements in the learning process. The course will then teach you how to assess learning needs and also discuss the different types of learning styles.

Nurses are professionals whose knowledge and skills go beyond caring for patients. They can also be effective teachers within healthcare environments. This nursing course will help you learn important teaching and learning strategies, the factors which affect learning, and the steps in the teaching-learning process. By the end of this course you will understand the essential and multi-dimensional role of the modern nurses, and will have given your nursing skills a great boost.

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