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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Discover some great tips and techniques for using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 with this free online powerpoint course.

Publisher: Microsoft
This free online Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 course will guide you through the features that make this the most popular software application for presentations in the world. This software is a powerful presentation tool used commonly in both the public and private sector. Effective use of this tool can lead to the creation stunning and impactful presentation for communicating important information and impressing your colleagues.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
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    4-5 Hours
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This course will first teach get familiar with Powerpoint's main features so you can go ahead and create your first PowerPoint presentation. The course will then teach you how to add photos, embed, edit, and insert a video, trim an audio or video clip, and use bookmarks. You will also learn how to broadcast your slide show so you can present to wider audiences.

Next, you will learn how to add charts and SmartArt graphics to your PowerPoint 2010 presentation. The course will teach you how to add text and shapes, insert a column chart, and customize a chart. You will then learn how to create animations and transitions in your slide show, how to change order and effects, as well as some really useful keyboard shortcuts, tips, and techniques for effectively using PowerPoint 2010.

With the help of this online course, you will learn how to navigate the Powerpoint 2010 ribbon, explore the menu bar, and understand the different tasks that can be done to enrich your presentations with videos, pictures, and animations. By the end of the course, you will be able to create really powerful presentations with a tool that is recognized everywhere. So, start the course now, and by the end of the week you'll have a valuable new skill-set, for life.

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