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Microsoft Word 2013 Basic

Learn about Microsoft Word 2013 basic skills with this free online course.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
This free online course. Microsoft Word 2013 Basic, teaches students about the basic skills and tools of Microsoft Word 2013. Students will learn about editing a document and formatting texts and paragraphs. The course will teach you how to add tables and manage lists in Word. You will also learn about inserting graphic objects and proofing a document. So, why wait? Start this course today and learn about Microsoft Word 2013
Microsoft Word 2013 Basic
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    3-4 Hours
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This course, Microsoft Word 2013 Basic, will provide you with an understanding of the the basic tools and skills of Microsoft Word 2013. You will learn about editing a document in word including navigating, selecting and modifying text. You will be able to explain how to format text and paragraphs in word by aligning text,using tabs, and controlling paragraph layout. You will also learn about adding tables to a word document as well as modifying and formatting tables.

This course then explains how to manage and customize lists. You will learn about inserting symbols and special characters and images to add graphic design elements into a document. You will also learn about Controlling page appearance by applying a page boarder and adding a watermark along with page layout.

This course then wraps up with proofing a document by checking spelling and grammar. You will learn customizing the word environment but customizing the word interface and using additional save options. By taking this course you will learn The basic skills and tools of Microsoft Word 2013. So why wait? Start learning today.

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