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Microsoft Word 2010 - Revised 2017

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Microsoft Word 2010 - Revised 2017
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  • Microsoft Word is used worldwide for word processing and document creation, and its feature sets, tools, ease of use, and the overall power of this productivity tool continues to increase. This course will assist Microsoft Word users to make the switch from earlier versions of Word to the more advanced 2010 version.

    The course begins by introducing all the new aspects of Word 2010 including the new Backstage view, the Navigation Pane, the customizable Ribbon, formatting text and images together, live collaboration, saving your document to the cloud, and much more. The course shows how Word 2010 allows for more customization of the work space and creates an easier work flow when creating more complex documents.

    You will get an excellent return of your time and energy by spending time updating your word processing skills via this course. For those of you who have completed ABC IT, our comprehensive introductory computer course, the MS 2010 Word course is the perfect next step.

    This course will be of great interest to all Microsoft Word users who wish to increase productivity and enhance their document presentation without increasing their work load. For those who happily use older versions of Microsoft Word, particularly 2003 and 2007 versions, the new feature sets of Microsoft Word 2010 will be a revelation.

  • Having completed this course you will be able to:

    • Describe the new layout and interfaces of Word 2010.
    • Explain the new formatting features in Word 2010.
    • Complete basic functions of Word 2010.
    • Use the Navigation Pane to manage headings and find objects and text.
    • Create visually effective content without using other software.
    • Manage Header and Footer content and update page numbers and dates.
    • Insert complete Table of Contents for large documents.
    • Create easily accessable documents for e-reader software.
    • List the shortcuts and useful features of Word 2010.
    • Use keyboard short cuts with Access Keys and Key Combos.

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