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Microsoft Access 2010

Discover the features of Microsoft Access 2010 and learn how to use your databases more efficiently and effectively.

Publisher: Microsoft
This free online Microsoft Access 2010 training course will teach you how to create your very own basic database system, as well as develop user-friendly applications. Microsoft Access is an essential software program used worldwide to build and run databases. With this course, you will see how flexible, adaptable, and useful this program can be. Enrol now and gain a strong overview of this vital program in just a few short hours.
Microsoft Access 2010
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    4-5 Hours
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This course will first teach you how to switch from older versions of Microsoft Access to Access 2010. You will then learn how to create and design a good database, starting with planning. You will study the different keys and data types and learn how to save, add, and navigate through your data. The course will also discuss how to create relationships within your tables that bring your data together. You will also learn how to extract meaningful information from your database using queries.

You will then learn how to create forms to make your database look more polished. The course will discuss how to create reports to represent your data visually as well as how to create, edit, and publish your database to the Microsoft SharePoint Server for online use. You will study the use of web browser controls to display web pages in an Access 2010 database as well as the keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Access that will help you to gain a quicker workflow.

There are a few computing tools in the modern world that everybody should learn how to use. Microsoft Access is one of them. By taking this course and getting up to speed on this highly useful program, you will transform your database management and make your database work much simpler. These are valuable skills that will really help your professional development. So, check out the course today and find the skills you're looking for.

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