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Microsoft Access 2010 - Revised 2017

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Microsoft Access 2010 - Revised 2017
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  • Microsoft Access 2010 is a very popular software program used worldwide to build and run databases. The course teaches you how to construct tables in a database and link them with primary key fields. You will be shown how to create the relationships between the tables and how to extract information from them using queries. 

    Databases created with MS Access can also be viewed and edited online by uploading them to SharePoint. Microsoft implements some safety precautions when you work with online files, and this course will show you how to activate your content after you download it. 

    This course will also review keyboard shortcuts which help you work faster by relying more on the keyboard. 

    You do not need any prior experience working with Access to follow this course, but if you are familiar with previous versions, then this course will help you quickly make the transition to this upgraded version. 



  • Having Completed this course you will be able to:

    • Use database templates.
    • Plan for good design.
    • Learn about keys and data types. 
    • Create tables; Save add and navigate data.
    • Create relationships between tables.
    • Set referential integrity.
    • Create queries and lookup fields.
    • Learn about and create different types of forms in different ways.
    • Learn to work in layout view.
    • Create reports for your database.
    • Build and work with online databases.
    • Create and publish web databases.
    • Save a changed database to the web.
    • Learn keyboard shortcuts and access keys.
    • Learn to work with security protocols.

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