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Media Interviews

Learn how to give media interviews to convey your message effectively to your audience in this free online course.

Publisher: TJ Walker
In this era of information technology, media has become a powerful tool to spread your message to a large audience. Media interviews are both challenging and helpful for your personal goals and professional growth. Do you get nervous in front of a camera or feel awkward while answering difficult questions? This course is here to help you with your interview preparation and teach you how to respond to any question in an interview. Enrol now.
Media Interviews
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A reporter wants to interview you and gain your views on a topic you know so much about. Here is your moment to shine. But then, a lot could go wrong if you are not prepared. How do you know you are prepared? Giving a stellar media interview requires a balance of skill, practice and preparation. By studying this course, you will be shown how to answer and respond to any interview question. You will learn essential skills to employ in an interview, such as how to bridge back to your original message, how to answer a question briefly and why it is important. You will be taught how to avoid some mistakes that can ruin your interview. Some of these mistakes include repeating the negative words of the reporter, trying to control the interview and engaging in debates with the reporter. You will learn methods to get quoted using bold action words, absolutes, rhetorical questions and many more. Also, how to use sound bites as a tool to convey your message effectively to your target audience will be explored. Furthermore, you will learn how to create, test and put together your own sound bites for your interview.

Rehearsing is an essential part of the preparation for an interview. You will be taught how to anticipate challenging questions ahead of time, so you appear confident during interviews with the help of a practice partner. Furthermore, you will learn about the importance of recording yourself and how to record yourself to identify and eliminate flaws before an interview. People make judgments based on body language. Are you confident? Honest? Credible? Trustworthy? Ensure you give the impression you want to give. For example, rigid posture can suggest fear, hence the need to relax. You will acquire knowledge on key elements to look out for in your physical appearance, posture and body movements in the recorded video. The moment you start speaking, when a question is asked, there are certain things to watch out for, such as applying pauses, using proper voice volume and speaking speed. You will be shown how to vary your voice tone to sound conversational, confident and energetic in your interview. You will be taught the importance of being in the moment, avoiding crutch words, being enthusiastic, engaging and the effect of dodging questions. 

Do you feel anxious about how you appear on camera during an interview? This course will present to you the techniques needed to stay relaxed and give memorable, relatable, and quotable answers. You will be taught the necessity of stories, examples, smaller words and plain language to make your message more engaging and easier to understand. This course is essential for learners who come in contact with media reporters and those who want to boost their business or agenda through the media. Print and electronic media have both domestic and global reach. No matter what the demographic is and the size of your potential audience, you can reach and influence them with a successful media report. So, grab the opportunity to become more confident to ace any media interview. Enrol now and start this course today.

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