Managing VMware vSphere 4 Hypervisors

This free online course describes aspects of managing, installing, and configuring of VMware's vSphere 4 Hypervisors.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
Managing VMware vSphere 4 Hypervisors is a free online course that explores advanced features of VMware’s version 4 of vSphere covering the appropriate use of ESX, ESXi, vCenter, and virtual machine monitoring. The course also examines installations of servers and backups on VMware's vSphere 4. Learners who complete this course would be able to maintain hypervisors for other virtual machine types. Start learning about VM hypervisors today!
Managing VMware vSphere 4 Hypervisors
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VMware vSphere 4.0 has been continuously developed to cater for operating multiple servers and operating systems simultaneously with lots of complexities as required by end-users. It has also received continuous updates to utilize additional platforms as well as guest operating system support after its official release date. VMware has utilized feedback from its user community to sustain the development of vSphere 4.0 till its lifecycle’s end. This free online course describes aspects of these developments and more stand out features of vSphere 4.0. The course also equips learners with basic to advanced features relevant to the use of required configurations for different classes of end-users and functionalities in organizations or companies adopting vSphere 4.0. Learners would also learn about the functionality included in the different releases of vSphere 4.0.


Managing VMware vSphere 4 Hypervisors is detailed with guides and steps for installing VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi). It also specializes in providing the best training for successfully managing, optimizing, and even updating tools required by typical vSphere Hypervisors. The course also extensively describes the various terms relevant to virtual machine administrators covering consoles, user interfaces, servers, containers, packages, and guest operating systems along with their required hardware. This course also discusses useful details for correctly configuring Hypervisors, including settings for IP addresses, NTP, and hostnames. Learners will go through the required steps necessary for applying for licenses to register ESXi. Also, learners who successfully complete this course would be able to handle multiple instances of operating systems sharing a single host with multiple hardware resources. 


All resources required for the correct functioning of VMware environments are analyzed in this course to give virtualization administrators an in-depth understanding of the tools they work with. Learners who take this course will also understand system protocol for disaster recovery and backup of virtual machines. Sysadmins that work with multiple operating systems and servers will also learn about the best ways for troubleshooting different issues that arise when using VMware vSphere 4 Hypervisors. Learners will also understand the appropriate measures entailed in the day-to-day management of virtual infrastructure carrying ESX and ESXi along with their respective required documentation. This course is also carefully designed to support the learning of non-IT students and employees exposed to virtualization systems. The course helps them utilize the flexibility of virtual machines in different environments. Begin your learning journey in managing tools relevant to VMware vSphere 4.0 today!


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