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Diploma in Ethical Hacking Techniques for Beginners and Experts

Acquire the skills in penetration testing and discovering the vulnerabilities of devices, with this free online course.

Publisher: Juan Galvan
To successfully protect a system against possible cyberattacks, an ethical hacker must learn to think like a cyberattacker. This ethical hacking course reveals the fundamental techniques cyber attackers use to exploit vulnerabilities in systems and the methods used to protect such systems against possible cyberattacks. You will master the processes of conducting penetration testing on devices and applications and maintain anonymity on the web.
Diploma in Ethical Hacking Techniques for Beginners and Experts
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    10-15 Hours
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Cyberattacks are becoming more prevalent day by day. With the increasing internet usage in daily transactions, measures must be put in place to protect systems connected to the internet from hacking. One of the measures you can put in place, especially for sophisticated systems, is procuring the services of an ethical hacker. Ethical hackers help detect exposures in a system and recommend ways to prevent any possible exploit of such weakness. For ethical hackers to guard systems from cyberattacks, they must understand cyberattackers’ techniques in attacking their target system. This hacking course is designed to reveal the key cyber attacking methods and how you can protect these systems against possible cyberattacks. Firstly, you will learn about the types of hackers, vital hacking strategies, and the terminologies used in ethical hacking. In addition, the course covers the basics of networking and the process of communication in networks. You are then guided through a step-by-step process on setting up a hacking lab on your laptop and will learn how to apply the basic syntaxes of Bash and Python languages in your Linux environment.

Since the internet is a public place, ethical hackers must take the necessary steps to remain anonymous. This cyber security training course shows how ethical hackers can hide their identities on the web without having any tracks leading back to them. This section of the course also studies how to hack into Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and Wi-Fi Protected Access networks. Before ethical hackers can gain access to a system, they must first gather information about their target system. Demonstrations are provided on how to use tools to collect information about targeted devices either by contacting them or remotely. The exciting part of this cyber security certification will teach you to master the actual techniques of launching cyberattacks on targeted devices and protecting systems from cyberattacks. In addition, you will learn how to perform post-exploitation activities to maintain access to a target system and ensure the non-detection of your cyberattacks on the system. The various methods and tools to get into different platforms are covered in the next section and procedures to hack into web apps, websites, and mobile phones are comprehensively learned as well as the strategies for protecting mobile phones from hacking. The final part of this in-depth cyber security course discusses how to build your brand as an ethical hacker and stand out in the marketplace, the three essential ways of making money as an ethical hacker and how best to start your career in cyber security, with some recommended books and platforms to practice hacking.

This course teaches you the methodologies of ethical hacking from scratch and you will acquire the skills needed to detect vulnerabilities in systems and protect the systems against unauthorized access. You will also grasp ethical hacking procedures and how ethical hackers differ from other types of hackers. So, whether you are a newbie, or an expert in the field of cyber security or ethical hacking and want to add a formal certification to your résumé, the course equips you with the practical skills to be a sought-after ethical hacker. So, what are you waiting for? Enrol in this comprehensive course, get your ethical hacking skills to a level where you can confidently help protect organizations and countries against any form of cyberattack, and start your journey as a certified ethical hacker.

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