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Diploma in Microsoft Power BI for Beginners

Improve your efficiency and turn business data into rich visuals with this free online Microsoft Power BI course.

Publisher: Pavan Lalwani
This free online course explains how to use Power BI is a powerful data visualization tool that helps you to complete multiple tasks in fewer steps, thus allowing you to concentrate on other essential business duties. We show you how to represent, scale and lay out your business data with Power BI and go through each step involved in formatting sections to fit your needs. This course can help you deliver more compelling presentations and reports.
Diploma in Microsoft Power BI for Beginners
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    10-15 Hours
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Imagine that after hours of designing and making charts, graphs and visuals, you take a step back to get a better perspective and find that they’re unengaging and hard to understand. Amid the stress of a looming deadline, you might wonder if there is a tool out there powerful enough to help with data analysis, visualization and collaboration between team members. The good news is that there is and that Power BI can help you to complete numerous tasks in fewer steps than other programs on the market. This course introduces you to its various features and outlines how each one works in real-life scenarios. We begin with the simple process of downloading and installing this dynamic tool.

This course can help you bring your data to life. Power BI allows you to connect data with multiple external sources, which means that you are no longer limited to one data source. We take you through the steps required to create charts, maps, tables and many other useful elements. We show you how to choose a Power BI component and format it while easily filtering, sorting and updating data. This is practical if your data source is an active directory that is constantly changing. You may ask yourself, “What good is a report if I can’t share it with my colleagues?” This is a common issue because some applications limit this option or demand an expensive software license. In contrast, this course teaches you how to share and prepare easy-to-understand reports.

As your enterprise grows and becomes successful, it can become increasingly difficult to keep data up to date. This can create challenges for key decision-makers who need current information and we demonstrate how to set up an automatic data refresh function that gives all authorized users the latest facts. We explain how to add different convenient elements into your reports, like buttons that link to specific web pages. This helps to transform your data into rich visuals and can potentially enhance decision-making. This course can help managers, analysts and anyone who works with data. It offers you a chance to create rich, personalized reports that integrate seamlessly into existing business environments. Power BI is a versatile business intelligence tool and we can help you use it to rise in the workplace.

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