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Mastering Windows PowerShell

Study how to use PowerShell in a step by step manner and learn how to automate any task in this free online course.

Publisher: Cloud Pragati
Windows PowerShell is one of the most powerful tools to automate any task, from Active Directory Management, Microsoft Azure to Microsoft Office 365. In this free online course, you will learn how to operate Windows PowerShell, starting with the basic concepts such as variables, arrays, operators and flow control. Then, you will discover advanced concepts such as remoting, dot sourcing, modules and their application. Start this course today!
Mastering Windows PowerShell
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Most users of the Windows operating systems are familiar with the command prompt or are at least aware of its existence. Windows PowerShell shares some similarities with the command prompt but is more powerful and allows for scripting and automation of various system administration tasks. In this free online course, we’ll show you everything you need to know about the PowerShell tool. You will discover how you can use it to make particular administrative functions much more effortless. First, we will take you through an introduction to PowerShell, its definition, purpose, and the various ways to use it. Then, you will learn about its commandlets and the PowerShell ecosystem. You will also carry out some practical exercises to help reinforce the knowledge gained in the theoretical lessons. After that, you will learn how to make in-line and block comments in the PowerShell scripts. Furthermore, we will introduce you to variables in PowerShell. You will study the different types of variables, the scope of variables and variable data types.

We will also show you the arrays used in PowerShell and array lists, index, and multidimensional arrays. The various operators, such as logical operators and flow controls used in PowerShell, will be unveiled. You will uncover the different types of functions used in Powershell and their purpose. Sometimes, a script that has been used needs to be reused without retyping it. Such instances call for the application of the concept of dot sourcing. You will learn more about dot sourcing, calling PowerShell scripts directly and the pros and cons of dot sourcing. We will also look at the reusability of scripts and the common parameter support. The course material will also highlight PowerShell modules. Here, you will study the types of modules, features of the script module, and the module manifest. Lastly, you will learn about PowerShell remoting, which enables the running of commands remotely. You will understand why remoting is needed, how it works and the security concerns associated with it.

This course is designed to benefit anyone who wants to learn programming from scratch, those who would like to study Windows PowerShell, and anyone who wants to learn incremental programming. One cannot overemphasize the importance of computer programming in today’s world. As the quest for automating tasks to make human life easier increases by the day, the demand for skilled and qualified programmers and software professionals continues to grow exponentially. Suppose you are considering venturing into this exciting profession. In that case, this course will provide you with an excellent foundation to launch your career. And ff you are a practising professional seeking to learn or gather more knowledge in Windows PowerShell, you will find this course enriching and captivating. It will enable you to relate your industry experience to the concepts presented herein. So do not hesitate. Sign up now to upskill yourself in this exciting field!

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