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Introduction to Advertising

Learn how to get your company recognized in no time, with this free online Introduction to Advertising course.

Publisher: Saylor Academy
This free online marketing course will teach you about the process of advertising, and show you how ad agencies work. In this course you will study the main types of advertisements and learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of an ad. A well-crafted advertisement excites, captivates, and motivates its audience. Whatever you're excited to advertise, take this free online course today and take your advertising skills to the next level.
Introduction to Advertising
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This course will introduce you to the world of advertising and the process undertaken by ad agencies when vying for a client's business. You will learn about the SS+K organization and how they assisted MSNBC in revamping their image. You will also study the pitch process, how to identify objectives for an ad campaign, and the methods that can be used for deploying an advertising message. You will then learn about the Four Ps: product, place, price, and promotion, and how to blend these together to create the desired impact.

Next, you will study the main methods for managing media and how to use SWOT analysis and asymmetric communications briefs to solve problems. You will then be introduced to the concept of virtual worlds and how advertisers can infiltrate them to bring messages to consumers. You will learn about copy research and copy testing, relevance and resonance, the methods for marketing a product or service, and the benefits of radio and print ads. The course will also teach you how to measure readership and the benefits of customer relationship management.

Gaining more customers and new clients with the help of an effective advertising campaign is a fantastic achievement that can really help get you recognised as a valuable member of the company. This free Introduction to Advertising online course will support you in becoming that person who drives the company forward towards achieving its advertising, marketing, and sales goals. So, check out the course today, and learn to advertise like a true professional.

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