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Diploma in Mathematics

Want to improve your math skills? This course will guide you through math’s most important concepts and principles.

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This free online Diploma in Mathematics course will teach you a variety of the most important principles in mathematics, from data distributions to binomial expressions. It starts by refreshing your knowledge of triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, and other geometric shapes then move on to cover algebra, vectors, functions, calculus, and trigonometry. Start this free online course today to get your maths back up to par.
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The course covers a comprehensive range of key subjects in mathematics. Starting with calculus and geometry, the course guides you through the mathematics behind shapes and design principles. Next, the course moves through functions, vectors, and data distributions. These are highly important principles used in rocket science, the military, and aerospace engineering. The course will then introduce you to algebra and trigonometry, which are core to a future in any mathematics-oriented career.

Next, you’ll learn how to confidently create graphs and make advanced calculations such as straight-line calculations, kinematics, motion, and quadratic functions. Finally, for the gamblers amongst you, you will learn about probability and statistics, including an overview of the relationship between the graphs of functions and their antiderivatives. This section will also show you how to use binomial expansions for problem solving, so the next time you play poker you will have a real edge over your competitors.

By the end of this course, you will have gained math skills that can open up a range of careers, and will be much better prepared for your next math exam. Math skills are in great demand from international employers, and almost every student in the world needs to learn them. Despite this, very few people have strong math skills. With this free course, and less than 5 hours of work, you’ll stand above the crowd. So why wait? Make Math easier, today.


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