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Create Powerful Presentations with PowerPoint

Learn how to create powerful presentations and enhance your PowerPoint skills with this free online course.

Publisher: Executive Finance
This free online course on PowerPoint Presentation will introduce you to the art of creating an effective presentation design with engaging content in Microsoft's PowerPoint. You will learn the most important principles of presenting, the modality and redundancy principles, and the 6 key qualities to make an idea stick in the audience's mind. You will also study how to work with mind maps, avoid a cognitive backlog, and more.
Create Powerful Presentations with PowerPoint
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In this free online course, Create Powerful Presentations with PowerPoint, you will be introduced to the art of creating impactful business presentations with engaging content through PowerPoint. Finance executives are being called on more and more to deliver presentations inside and outside the organization. How you deliver these presentations is ultimately a reflection of your executive presence, and in this online course you will learn how to deliver an effective business presentation.

This free online course begins by explaining how to plan and organize your presentation, how to tell your message in a way that your audience will remember it and act upon it, and how to deliver your presentation with poise and confidence. Leadership is a key attribute of the modern finance executive and being a successful leader in part hinges on your ability to communicate your ideas in a way that people will follow. This online course has been tailor-made for financial professionals working in today’s business world.

You will also learn about using PowerPoint as an effective visual aid to supplement any presentation as well as how PowerPoint can be used to create your own graphics and customize imagery to share your ideas visually with your audience. This course is for students, individuals and professionals interested in learning and improving on PowerPoint presentation skills. Enroll in this course today and start learning how to create powerful presentations with PowerPoint.

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