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Community and Institutional Pharmacy

Learn about the principles of community pharmacy and institutional pharmacy with this free online course.

Publisher: SkillsCommons
This free online community pharmacy course will teach you about the different types of pharmacies and their various roles and responsibilities. You'll learn about difference between a community pharmacy and institutional pharmacy, and how each of these pharmacies work. You will also look into the types of prescription drugs, the proper procedures for filling and dispensing of medications, the different forms of equipment sterilization, and more!
Community and Institutional Pharmacy
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This course will first introduce you to the role of the pharmacy technician in a community pharmacy. The course will cover prescriptions, e-Prescriptions, patient profile, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, the two types of prescription compounding, and Drug Utilization Review (DUR). You will learn the business functions in the pharmacy as well as the importance of knowledge in math principles including business math. You will also learn the importance of being familiar with drug inventories.

Next, you will look into the role and responsibilities of the director of an institutional pharmacy. You will learn about medication order procedures and look into microbiology. You will study Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), Infection Control Committee (ICC), the sources of contamination, the different methods of sterilization, and hazardous agents. You will also learn the most important practices for minimizing touch contamination and reducing the transmission of infectious agents.

This Community and Institutional Pharmacy online course contains information that will be most valuable to pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, or directors of a pharmacy. It clearly explains the role of each professional and teaches important terms related to the pharmaceutical industry. Every pharmacist and related professional is responsible for delivering safe and effective medication for all patients, so take this course now and ensure your knowledge is securely refreshed and restocked.

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