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Pharmacotherapy: Nervous, Sensory & Genitourinary Systems

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Pharmacotherapy: Nervous, Sensory & Genitourinary Systems
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  • Our bodies are susceptible to many diseases and disorders and there can often be a number of treatments available depending on the severity of the disorder. In this course, Pharmacotherapy: Nervous, Sensory, & Genitourinary Systems, you will explore common disorders of the nervous, sensory, and genitourinary systems, and learn about both prescription treatments and alternative treatments to cure or control these diseases.

    The first module of this course will teach you about drugs that are used for the nervous, muscular, and sensory systems. You will learn about prescription medicines, non-prescription medicines, and other alternative therapies used to treat diseases of the nervous system. This module helps you to understand psychiatric and mood disorders, such as ADHD, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease, describes how they can occur, and explores ways of treating these disorders.

    The second module of this course teaches you about various drug therapies for central nervous system disorders, such as depression, but also delves into the five senses of the sensory system. You will learn about the structures and functions of the ear and eye and common disorders that arise in these areas.

    The final module of this course describes the genitourinary system. You will gain knowledge on the male and female reproductive system and disorders surrounding both reproductive systems. You will learn about the effects of menopause in the female as well as male and female contraceptive products. This course concludes by teaching you about the renal system and drug therapy for disorders of the renal system, such as kidney failure.

    This course will interest those studying healthcare or anyone hoping to expand or strengthen their knowledge on the nervous, sensory, or genitourinary system.

  • After completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Explain the therapeutic effects of prescription medications, non-prescription medications, and alternative therapies commonly used to treat psychiatric and mood disorders.
    • List some central nervous system disorders. • Describe symptoms of depression.
    • Describe the anatomy and physiology of the female reproductive system.
    • List some conditions and disorders of the male reproductive system.
    • Identify the brand and generic names of prescription and non-prescription medications commonly used to treat psychiatric and mood disorders.
    • Explain the function of the renal system.
    • Identify different forms of contraceptive products and the side effects of using each contraceptive.

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