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Diploma in Physical Therapy Aide

This physiotherapy course will teach you about the treatments and equipment used with physical therapy patients.

Publisher: SkillsCommons
This free online physical therapy aide diploma course will teach you how you can help patients improve their mobility as well as manage pain and other chronic conditions. A physical therapist aide is someone who plays an essential role in helping patients to recover from injuries. In this course, you will study the different structures and functions of the human body which you need to understand as a physical therapist.
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This free online course will first discuss the history of physical therapy and the difference between a physical therapist and a physical therapy aide. You will look into career opportunities, the skill sets required, and the day to day work of a physical therapist and therapy aide. You will learn about medical technology, the general equipment used in physical therapy, and what Orthotics is used for. You will also study the treatments for common medical disorders including elbow ROM and different forms of modality such as ice massages.

You will then study the basic structure and function of the human body including the different types of muscle tissue, common cardiopulmonary pathologies, and the difference between the axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton. The course will teach you correct turning and positioning of the patient including tips for lifting and methods for scooting transfers. You will also learn about pressure ulcers and bed mobility. Finally, you will study therapeutic exercise techniques, agents, and modalities ranging from the use of crutches to hydrotherapy.

This Diploma in Physical Therapy Aide course will teach you the most desirable traits and the day to day work of a therapy aide. By learning the different methods for transferring a patient to and from chairs, beds, and wheelchairs, you will ensure that you keep yourself and your patients away from injury. The different therapeutic exercises taught in this course will help your patients gain complete recovery. So start learning today and bring your professional ability to the next level.

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