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Introduction to Physical Therapy Aides

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Introduction to Physical Therapy Aides
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  • A physical therapy aide plays a vital role in the care and treatment of patients. Physical therapy aides assist the physical therapist in various procedures necessary for the treatment of patients.

    This course, Introduction to Physical Therapy Aides, begins by introducing you to the profession of physical therapy and discusses how physical therapy has developed over the years. You will learn about different facilities physical therapy aides can work in, such as fitness centers, and how to measure a patient’s pain which is important in assessing the patient’s treatment.

    This course also teaches you about medical terminology which is useful for describing the human body and different conditions. You will also learn about equipment used in physical therapy and the use of Orthotics. The final module of this course teaches you about treatment of common medical disorders and how modalities, such as hot and cold packs, can be used during the treatment process. The final topic of this course discusses Range of Motion (ROM) and explains to you the three different subtypes of activity.

    This course will suit anyone interested in a career in the field of physical therapy or anyone looking for an insight into the role as a physical therapy aide.

  • At the end of this course, you will be able to:

    • Define what physical therapy is.
    • Discuss the history of physical therapy.
    • Discuss the difference between a Physical Therapist, Physical Therapy Aide, and a Physical Therapist Assistant.
    • Identify the day to day work of a therapy aide.
    • Explain the purpose of a pain scales.
    • Identify the terms for movement of the patients and describe the movement each term represents.
    • Discuss the general equipment used in physical therapy.
    • Explain what a modality is.
    • Identify the range of motion for different joins in the body.

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