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Communicating in Portuguese about Education, Career, and Emergencies

This free online Portuguese course will teach you essential phrases needed in daily conversations at home and at work.

Publisher: Muhammad Elshanawy
Did you know that since 1988, the Brazilian constitution has guaranteed that everyone legally present in Brazil, including overseas students, has access to medical care? This free online Portuguese course will teach you the essential terms you will need when visiting Brazil and require medical assistance. You will also learn a range of significant job titles and phrases to utilize at work and when speaking with locals regarding family affairs.
Communicating in Portuguese about Education, Career, and Emergencies
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If you want to further your proficiency and fluency in the Portuguese language, then this free online Portuguese class will teach you some of the core language skills you need in everyday life. It begins by explaining the all-important grammar rules on the conjugation of verbs before studying the nuances of the core language and grammatical skills you will need to communicate in basic Portuguese about family and everyday activities. Your learning then includes some fundamental phrases and vocabulary employed in domestic conversations.

The next part of this online Portuguese course displays a few popular job titles and essential phrases that you will need to speak with people you meet or work with regarding work-related topics. This section also includes basic Portuguese conversations about several occupations and day-to-day life in the city. Following that, you will learn how to construct grammatically correct sentences and develop your fundamental language skills while chatting about a range of healthcare topics.

The final component of the course provides the basic terms for communicating in Portuguese about family, health, and careers. Mastering the principles of Portuguese conversations lets you communicate with Brazilian and Portuguese natives while also laying the groundwork for further Portuguese studies. Enrolling in this course will set you on a path of practical learning of an exciting new language that you can apply in daily life, business, and travel.

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