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Explore the Streets, Food and Numbers in Portuguese

Discover how to communicate in Portuguese to explore the heritage and city life in Brazil in this free online course.

Publisher: Muhammad Elshanawy
Did you know that the Rio Carnival is the world's largest carnival in the Guinness Book of Records? On any given day during the fiesta, the city's streets are packed with over two million people. This free online Portuguese course will teach you all the Portuguese terminologies you will need to navigate the city's street culture while conversing with people and taking advantage of the hospitality on offer in this beautiful country.
Explore the Streets, Food and Numbers in Portuguese
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Learn Brazilian Portuguese and its fundamentals to expand your knowledge of this wonderful, popular language. The first part of the course will teach you how to ask for directions and pronounce common phrases along with the Portuguese translation for various city landmarks, features, and points of interest.

The next part of this exciting basic Portuguese course will explore how to use proper syntax to inquire about where you can get something to eat or drink, including how to place a simple order. As the content progresses, it will discuss how to count and pronounce several common currencies so you can figure out how much something costs and pay for the food, drinks, and other items you have ordered or purchased in Portuguese.

Learning these underlying Portuguese words and phrases will be highly beneficial as you work through the language. It may appear confusing at times with all of the different grammar rules to remember, but persevering on your learning journey will help you eventually become conversant in the Portuguese language. Given that 5% of the world's people understand Portuguese, it is an ability that will stand you in good stead as a traveler, particularly if you want to enjoy the amazing celebrations and culture in Brazil to their fullest. By enrolling in this online Portuguese class, you will be able to communicate a range of common phrases with confidence in order to enjoy your experience in Brazil and even apply your Portuguese in potential business scenarios.

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