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Learn the Intricacies of Phone Calls and Shopping in Portuguese

This free online course provides key Portuguese phrases and words to use while shopping and talking on the telephone.

Publisher: Muhammad Elshanawy
Would you like to be able to answer the phone in Portuguese? Do you wonder about the appropriate Portuguese phrases to use when shopping? This course provides handy terms to use on the phone or while seeking the best deals. We go through common phrases that native speakers use all the time to help you become comfortable with this lively, global language. This course suits anyone who wants to learn practical Portuguese.
Learn the Intricacies of Phone Calls and Shopping in Portuguese
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The grammatical rules of Portuguese can appear intimidating at first but this free online course breaks them down and explains each one step by step. We take you through the process of conjugating verbs and using phrases on the phone or while shopping.

We begin by explaining some terms that will frequently come in handy while phoning people and introducing yourself in social situations. We then examine words and phrases that might help you to eat out and order food and drinks. We show you how to read a menu and place an order by learning the names and pronunciations of various meals.

The course then provides a range of useful phrases and questions to ask when paying a bill or shopping for goods. Sign up to learn some essential words and pronunciations that let you communicate with the locals while travelling. Explore the food, culture and shopping opportunities available in Portuguese-speaking countries. This course suits anyone looking to learn the musical, global language.

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