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Understand the Usage of Pronouns in Portuguese

This free online course teaches you how to correctly use pronouns in basic formal and conversational Portuguese.

Publisher: Muhammad Elshanawy
Did you know that inflection is more prominent in Portuguese personal pronouns and idiomatic expressions than other lexical items? They take different shapes depending on what they represent. This free online course takes you through the use of pronouns and common verbs in Portuguese. We help you with the intricacies of this expressive language and build on the foundational skills needed to use it to converse with others.
Understand the Usage of Pronouns in Portuguese
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Portuguese is an exciting and vibrant language and is among the most-spoken languages in the world. Its grammar may sometimes seem a bit daunting but this course breaks down some of the basic rules on pronouns and verb conjugation step by step. We provide some simple but frequently used greetings and phrases, including how to ask some common questions.

The course then expands on your newly acquired knowledge by laying out different types of pronouns and explaining how to use them in words or phrases. We demonstrate how to write sentences using pronouns and also provide the correct pronunciation of the terms and inflections used when speaking authentic Portuguese.

Finally, we show you how to conjugate ‘them’ in different tenses. Control of these phrases and grammar rules can be a valuable way to begin your journey into learning Portuguese. Sign up to take the first step towards mastering this love global language.

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