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Business Performance Management

Study the tools that enable a business direct its efforts to achieving its strategic goals in this free online course.

Publisher: Ross Maynard
This free course will introduce Business Performance Management - an approach that an organization uses to guide its activities towards established goals. You will learn principles of effective performance management and how to set up performance measures based on the Critical Success Factors of the organization. You will learn tools for effectively analyzing and reporting data for decision-making and improving business performance. Start today!
Business Performance Management
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Every organization sets out to create value for its customers and shareholders. Management defines this goal in its mission statement and writes out strategic objectives based on the mission statement to ensure the overall purpose of the business is attained. The essential steps to achieving the strategic objectives are the Critical Success Factors (CSF); they are monitored using performance measures at organizational, process output, and in-process levels so that management can gauge progress towards goals and drive improvement.

The course will begin with a history of performance management in business from the fifteenth century to the present. It will discuss several models of Business Performance Management.  Modern approaches to management focus on a mix of measures covering different aspects of performance. You will learn performance measures that are linked to a strategic objective. Each measure is clearly and simply defined so that data can be collected consistently, and performance interpreted easily. Next, you will learn the methods of reporting that will best present progress towards goals, and also support analysis to find the root cause of problems, identify and evaluate possible solutions.

Business Performance Management is concerned with devising corrective action when necessary and you will learn that improvement is best done as a team exercise. A mix of experience and thinking styles will lead to better solutions. The 'best' solutions to performance problems are those which are practical, and which deliver benefits for all stakeholders - particularly customers. The course contains practical exercises and business scenarios so you can immediately apply the tools and lessons learned. This course will benefit managers, entrepreneurs, and those with an interest in improving performance in their organizations, so start the course today!

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