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Management Information Systems

This free online course explains the management of information systems and how to keep information secure.

Publisher: Saylor Academy
This free online data management course on management information systems explores information system hardware, software, network communication and security. We can help you to understand organizational network communication and measures for ensuring its security. Every institution needs to be guided by accurate information that it protects and this course can make you more valuable to yours.
Management Information Systems
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This course begins with a general introduction to information systems’ hardware and software components, including networking and communication elements. We then navigate a brief history of the internet that traces notable evolutionary phases such as the Dot-Com Bubble, ‘Web 2.0’ and the growth of broadband. We compare the internet and the World Wide Web and discuss wi-fi and mobile networks before unpacking bluetooth technology and voice-over internet protocol (VoIP). We then delve into organizational networking and compare local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) and their roles.

The course then covers the ‘Information Security Triad’ with an explanation of the three key elements in protecting data: confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA). We then provide more tools for ensuring information security and examine backups, firewalls and the importance of ensuring physical security of hardware and networks. Finally, we touch on organizational security policies, personal information security measures and mobile device information security.

This course details the rise of network and communication within organizations and emphasizes the need for measures to ensure information security and integrity within the institution. We can help you explain the rapid adoption of internet and network communication and how information security is achieved amid a thriving global web of devices. This course suits anyone who wishes to learn more about organizational network communication and information security and can help you advance in your workplace.

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