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Paul Ferguson has been involved in sales and management for over 30 years. He has held various roles from sales executive and country sales manager to European sales director, and most recently, he has founded the company Selling Today. He has mentored many salespeople across different organisations, instilling dignity and self-respect as a means to more effective results and less stressful working.

Ferguson's expertise includes sales training, leadership development, public speaking and executive coaching, and he is highly regarded within the industry.

Both his business and courses seek to equip new and experienced salespeople with the tools to sell effectively by building relationships with clients based on mutual respect and understanding. The Selling Today philosophy is to stop trying to close all the time and instead, start doing the right things at the beginning of the sales process. His methods are simple, effective and get results.

Free, Online Courses Created by Paul Ferguson

  • Certificate Sales Training: Learn How to Sell in 7 Effective Steps

    Sales Training: Learn How to Sell in 7 Effective Steps

    1.5-3 hrs
    Master how to take a prospective customer by the hand and guide them through to closing the sale.
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