A quiet but strong revolution is underway in the corridors of business leadership. Managers who were once seen as bossy taskmasters are now evolving into architects of growth. What is their secret weapon? Manager-led employee development in organisations that are beginning to realise that their people are their most valuable asset.

This paradigm shift has the potential to unlock greatness, foster innovation, and propel the organisation toward long-lasting success. But how does a manager harness this power? The solution comes from a transformative ally: Alison’s Free Learning Management System (LMS) – a game changer for manager-led employee development. 

This blog will showcase the benefits, strategies, and best practices of manager-led employee development using Alison’s Free LMS. Buckle up and get ready to explore uncharted territories of professional development so you can skillfully and effectively guide and support individual employee growth.

The Power of Manager-Led Development

Customised Learning Paths

As their manager, you already understand your team members’ strengths, areas of opportunity, and professional aspirations. With Alison’s Free LMS, you can use this unique knowledge to create personalised learning paths tailored to each individual. 

Whether it’s technical skills, leadership development, or soft skills, our Free LMS allows you to curate courses that align with the individual goals of all employees under your supervision and organisational objectives. 

Adopting this approach will allow you to enhance employee engagement, motivation, and retention, improving overall performance and productivity. 

Continuous Feedback and Coaching

As Keith Webb, ICF Professional Certified Coach and author, puts it, “The purpose of coaching is to close the gap between potential and performance.” Your team members will experience tremendous growth and development when you use Alison’s Free LMS to track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and provide timely feedback. 

Managers can check in regularly to ensure that all employees under their guidance stay on track and continue to receive the support they need.

Upskilling and Reskilling

A rapidly evolving business landscape constantly requires new skills. As a manager with the employees’ best interests at heart, you can proactively address skill gaps in your charges by selecting relevant courses on Alison. 

Whether they’re mastering data analytics, digital marketing, or project management, Alison’s Free LMS offers many options.

Why Alison’s Free LMS?

Unlike traditional LMS providers, which often require lengthy implementation processes, Alison’s Free LMS gets you started swiftly. The absence of time-consuming project teams and complex setups means you enjoy efficient learning management. 

Alison’s LMS is free — there are no software, content, or implementation fees. Its revolutionary move away from the established per-user cost model enables you to administer online training to unlimited users without any financial constraints. The only cost to the business is the purchase of certificates at highly competitive rates once an employee has completed a course assessment.

Alison’s Free LMS comes preloaded with an extensive library of 5000+ quality, CPD-accredited courses. It comprises pre-made learning paths developed for various skills by industry experts. You can now say goodbye to the hassle of building everything from scratch and focus all your energies on managing the learning process.

Unlike traditional LMS contracts that lock you in for extended periods, Alison’s Free LMS offers refreshing flexibility. With no minimum term to worry about, you can adapt and evolve your manager-led employee development plan to include flexible learning schedules. 

Despite all the advantages it offers its users at zero cost, Alison’s Free LMS doesn’t compromise on features and is designed for learner-friendly navigation and engagement. You get an intuitive and straightforward LMS with robust reporting, ease of use, and an excellent learner experience. 

It is indeed “the best of both worlds – powerful and free.”

Strategies for Manager-Led Employee Development

1. Identify Learning Opportunities

As you explore Alison’s extensive course library, you will realise you’ve stumbled upon a treasure trove. There’s something for everyone, from technical expertise to soft skills like communication and time management. 

Alison’s Free LMS offers the perfect tools to encourage your team members to explore topics beyond their immediate roles. Broadening horizons fosters creativity and adaptability, two characteristics that are immensely valued.

2. Set Clear Goals

Collaboration with employees can make it easier to set clear learning objectives. Use Alison’s Free LMS to assign courses, track progress, and celebrate milestones. Since development doesn’t thrive with a one-size-fits-all approach, you can now tailor employee goals to individual aspirations and organisational needs.

3. Provide Feedback and Support

Regular feedback sessions with employees using Alison’s Free LMS can help you track their progress and provide guidance for improvement.

4. Encourage Peer Learning

Alison’s Free LMS can prove valuable in fostering a culture of knowledge sharing among your team members and enhancing collaboration and skill development.

5. Recognise Achievements

Celebrate wins! When a team member completes a course or earns a certificate, ensure they receive due recognition and praise. It is well-established that prompt acknowledgement of an achievement boosts morale and motivates employees to invest in further learning. With Alison’s Free LMS, validating achievements becomes as easy as ABC.

Some Employee Development Courses on Alison’s Free LMS

These free online courses and programmes on Alison’s platform cater to employee development needs and offer valuable skills enhancement and career growth resources across various fields.

KPIs to Track the Effectiveness of Manager-Led Employee Development

1. Management by Objectives (MBO)

MBO is a structured approach in which organisational goals are translated into specific individual goals for employees. You can sit down with your team members to collaboratively set objectives and track their progress. Monitoring the achievement of these objectives can help you evaluate an employee’s performance and alignment with organisational goals.

2. Subjective Appraisal by Manager

Most companies use periodic reviews to evaluate employee performance on various criteria, such as work quality. You can take advantage of the 9-box or 9-block grid to assess your team members based on their performance and potential and identify high-performing individuals. 

3. Product Defects

Although it originated in manufacturing, this metric has been successfully adapted to other areas. Tracking the number of product defects per employee or team can help you better understand their work quality. Fewer defects are valid proof of improved performance.

4. Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Your team’s engagement and satisfaction are a direct reflection of your leadership. Your organisation can measure leadership success by examining employee engagement scores and satisfaction survey results.

Free Online Courses from Alison to Measure Performance and KPIs

  • Performance Measurement for Small Businesses covers the challenges and importance of performance measurement. You will study the four main sections of KPIs for businesses and learn about the five steps for monitoring and analysing employee performance.
  • Top Five KPIs for Small Businesses details five KPIs specific to small businesses and helps you understand how they can support business growth.
  • Performance Measurement for Organizations is a management training course on defining and measuring KPIs. It also illustrates how to cultivate a high-performance culture within your organisation.

Success Stories

Onyx Management Solutions (B2B Arena):

Rialet Browning, HR Manager at Onyx Management Solutions, praises Alison’s Free LMS as “a genuine game-changer. Their free LMS provides content and cultivates a culture of perpetual learning.”

Medical Nigeria (Small Business):

Eniola Adewale, Founder of Medical Nigeria, says: “I am delighted that I can now refer my colleagues, staff, and clients to enrol and complete courses from our dedicated portal on Alison while monitoring their collective progress and securing their certificates easily.”.

Filisian Educational & Social Services:

Magie Hara, CEO of Filisian Educational & Social Services, says: “We created our Free LMS page after a free consultation, with little to no effort on our part, and had our organisation’s page up in minutes. If you have any difficulties along the way, the Alison business team is quick to offer support and assistance.”

To summarise, you hold the keys to unlocking your team’s potential. Alison’s Free LMS empowers you to create a culture of continuous learning where every employee thrives. Take the first step on this exciting journey, where you can explore a whole new world of possibilities, ignite your team’s curiosity, and watch them soar. 

Remember, great managers don’t just ensure task completion; they can sustainably cultivate employee development to improve productivity, boost morale, or future-proof their organisation. Alison’s Free LMS combines efficiency, scalability, and quality, making it a standout choice in the crowded LMS marketplace. Experience it firsthand by signing up for Alison’s Free LMS and empowering your organisation’s learning journey today!

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