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Wind Energy – From Wind Turbines to Grid Integration

Learn the importance and uses of wind energy, wind turbines, and grid integration with this free online course.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online Wind Energy course teaches you how wind power is used to create electrical power with a variety of methods ranging from wind turbines to grid integration. With climate change becoming a serious issue, the use of wind power plants has risen exponentially. This free online course will teach you about how wind energy is harnessed, and how countries around the world can improve their wind energy production.
Wind Energy – From Wind Turbines to Grid Integration
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First, you will learn about the different types of wind turbines that are commercially available in the market today. You will look into the physical basis of wind turbine construction and how they function. The course will also teach you about the technical design of wind turbines. You will learn why certain designs are better than others and gain an insight on how these designs can be improved in different situations.

Next, you will learn how the energy produced by wind power is balanced with the power produced by thermal plants and the effect of integration on existing generators. You will also look into the common myths about grid integration. Lastly, you will learn what is unique about the integration of wind energy, how much of the world’s power is generated by wind, the advantages and disadvantages of wind power, and how wind power is currently improving.

With the need for renewable energy sources becoming bigger every year, people with the expertise in this field are becoming more and more valuable. With this course, you too can gain this expertise. The course is ideal for anyone working in the wind energy sector or interested in wind energy technology. So check out the course today, and start gaining a solid understanding of how wind power can be the future of the planet's energy needs.

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