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Psychology - Research Methodology - Revised 2018

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Psychology - Research Methodology - Revised 2018
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  • The course Psychology - Research Methodology introduces you to experimentation and report writing in the context of carrying out experiments in psychology.

    The course begins by teaching you about different types of statistical methods such as descriptive statistics that are used by a researcher to organise, summarise and describe data, and inferential statistics that are used by a researcher to interpret the data and make inferences from observations of a sample in an experiment to generalise to a wider population.

    The course also reviews random sampling methods and stratified sampling methods. You will also be introduced to other important research techniques and processes such as participant selection, and participant allocation; single-blind experiments and double-blind experiments. You will learn about the operational hypothesis which should include both the independent and dependent variables and predict a direction of the changes in the dependent variable.

    The course also covers important topics relating to presenting the results of the experiments. You will learn about statistical significance which is a way of using statistical tests to determine the probability that an observed difference in the results is due to chance, and how to write a conclusion which is a judgment about the meaning of the results in an experiment.

    This course will be of great interest to learners who are interested in a career in psychology and would like to learn more about psychological research methodologies and techniques.

  • Having completed this course you will be able to;

    • Discuss research methodologies in relation to psychology.
    • List ways to minimise the effects of both internal and external variables.
    • Define the correct way to reference different sources.

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