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Essentials of Research Methodology

Learn the best methods and principles required to conduct and compile effective research with this free online course.

Publisher: Mosab AlNour
This research methodology course teaches you how to design, conduct and document an effective scientific research project. We explain how to formulate a research problem, design research methods, select samples and write a research proposal. The course then demonstrates how to collect, process, analyze and present data before taking you through the steps required to write a clear and compelling research report.
Essentials of Research Methodology
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This course covers various concepts crucial to scientific research methodology, from the initial formulation of the problem through all the steps of designing and conducting the research to the final stage of writing a report. We introduce you to the definition of ‘scientific research’ and layout its methods, starting with formulating the research problem in a well-written proposal that addresses any potential ethical issues. We then examine the execution of the research, including data collection, processing, analysis and presentation, before concluding with the final stage: writing an accurate, effective research report that does justice to your work and satisfies the standards of a scientific publication.

This course consists of three modules, each containing three or four main topics. The first module explains the definition of ‘scientific research’ and its different types, methods, steps, criteria and ethics. The second module shows you how to prepare for your research project. You learn how to formulate your problem, design your research and select appropriate samples before describing your project in a convincing proposal. The third module unpacks how to collect, process, analyze and present your data and explains what makes up a publishable report.

We provide a complete overview of the process of conducting scientific research, from the initial idea to the final step of writing a report. As a result, we can help college students write their thesis or anyone entering the world of science and academe. Research competence can boost your career and help you understand how scientists work to arrive at the discoveries that affect all our lives. Sign up for this free online course today to learn how to conduct rigorous research.

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