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Diploma in Microsoft Access 2013 Basic Online Training

Learn about making databases in Microsoft Access 2013 with this free online course.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
This free online course, Microsoft Access 2013 Basic Online Training. Students will learn about working with table data. The course will also cover querying a database. It then shows how to create an advanced queries. Students will then learn about generating reports. The course wraps up with customizing the access environment. So, why wait? Start this course today and learn about Microsoft Access 2013.
Diploma in Microsoft Access 2013 Basic Online Training
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    10-15 Hours
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This course, Microsoft Access 2013 Basic Online Training, will provide you with an understanding of the working with table data. You will learn about modifying and navigating records. You will be able to explain working with records and creating and configuring lookups. You will also learn about querying a database and filtering out data in a query. The course will then show students how to work with calculations in a query.

This course then explains how to create advanced queries. You will learn about creating a query with single and multiple parameters. You will also learn about creating a crosstab query. Students will also learn about working with unmatched and duplicate queries.

This course then wraps up with generating reports and preparing reports for print. The course will teach you about adding and adjusting report control and enhancing the appearance of a report You will learn how to customize and explore the Access Environment. By taking this course you will learn the basics of using the 2013 version of Microsoft Access including it's interface and basic functions. So why wait? Start learning today.

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